Website and Magazine design. Sansón Magazine takes hair as the main topic, as an excuse to analyze today’s culture and aesthetic. Project consists of Branding, Web and Editorial design.


In collaboration with Luis Lloréns and Diego Calvo we created the issue #0 Donde hay Pelo hay Alegría, which includes some original content (mostly photography, and some articles) as well as references from all sorts of fields.


The challange when it came to the website, was to reproduce the fun style of the magazine, to keep the users excited for longer periods of time (since the magazine was only intended to come out every 4 months). It features an online shop when the user can buy previous issues, as well as a small blog.


For the printed magazine we worked on Adobe Indesign, and took on all sorts of tasks: curating the content, illustrating the articles, testing the printing, editing the images and shooting the finished product.

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For the web we worked on Sketch and Zeplin, and focused on making it as simple as possible while still keeping the “Sansón” style alive.