Digital Influencer is the premier community for e-commerce professionals. Consisting of a transactional review site, blog and job-board amongst others, it launched in August 2017.


The aim of the website is to ease the decision making process for digital professionals, presenting them with the best software, agencies, conferences, educational resources, etc. The reviews are especially important for the website, since most customers read reviews before purchasing a service or product.


Therefore, the design of the review system was especially important for the project. We opted for a simple and inviting form, that gave the same feeling as comments in social media do. With very little information to fill in, we thought the users would be more likely to share their opinions with the community.


The search engine will include advertisement in the first two spots as well as some editorial content, like badges designed to highlight the company’s partners or favorite providers. The filters for desktop and mobile were especially challenging due to the amount of content and categories dividing it.


I started working at Digital Influencer in January 2017 and started the website from scratch with the supervision of the Senior Designer and the CEO. We worked mainly with the Adobe Suite, WordPress and Invision. Once the design was in its final stages I worked with freelance programmers and supervised the developing process.

Currently only the review site is live, but during my last months at the company we also worked on the blog and job-board design, which will be live before 2018.