Research project aiming to create highly usable filters for a fashion e-commerce, while keeping the UI in the forefront. The goal was to add some identity to a traditionally very functional part of websites and apps.


Animation was a big part of this project: since it helps communicate to the user that things are being loaded, or that change is happening. The play on colors helps communicate the change of categories (ex: blue is for designers, green is for sizes) as well as the areas of the filters that have been used already, and those that remain untouched.


The filters allow the user to select several options within each category, while displaying a number in the top of the screen showing how many products are available for the current search. The buttons “back” and “show results” are in the bottom of the screen, so they are easily accessible for the user with their thumb.


The playful design helps the user understand where he is, and the logic behind the filters, instead of distracting from the functionality. The goal is that one can use them comfortably, and gets excited about shopping at the same time.


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