In line with the redesign of WestwingNow’s corporate identity, the design of the new Product Listing Page (PLP) had to be clean, minimal and elegant. With a sleeker cross-category navigation, horizontal filters and a cleaner product cell with a light grey background, the page was designed first for mobile, later for both android and IOS app, and lastly for desktop.

Below you can see a comparison of how the PLP looked before and after the redesign.

The Westwing brand consists of two websites: the club which is private, only accessible by logged in users, and the shop, which is this one. Being WestwingNow the only public one, SEO played a particularly important role, which meant cross-category navigation was key. I worked very closely with the SEO team and we ended up with this “tag” system under the page title, which allows the users to narrow down their search seamlessly, providing a great SEO structure, without hurting the design or interrupting the user’s experience.

For the filters we opted for a horizontal bar on Desktop, leaving just the categories in the left bar. For mobile, the design features a vertical tab system, where these tabs open down instead of opening a new page, allowing the user to keep an overview of their filtering at all times.

An overview of the active filters is available from the filter page or from the PLP itself, where they can also be removed.

For the product cell, as the pre-existing image catalogue had a white background, the light grey layer was coded on top of all of the images. This reduced the cost of reshooting all the products on a new background, and allowed for a much faster rollout. This background anchors all the information (wishlist icon, tags, price) to the corresponding product, creates a pleasant grid and makes the navigation easier for the user.

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