With the new design of the Mytheresa App, the filters were one of the main features we wanted to tackle, as per the feedback collected from our customers, they were quite a big pain point for them in their user journey.

The main things we wanted to achieve were:

  • High Flexibility: Allowing for users to multiselect in as many categories as possible.
  • Quick and clear feedback: Showing the amount of products available, when and if the user over-filtered, and a easy overview of the active filters
  • Avoiding unnecesary huge scrolls, focusing the user on whatever action they are performing.
  • A cleaner UI making it easier to tab and understand.

For this project we worked really closely with Customer Care, who were providing all the insight on our customer’s frustration, and product managers who were in charge of the A/B testing and UX Research. After collecting all the data we proceeded to create user flows, wireframes and clickdummies, then polished the UI and made it consistent with the rest of the app and the whole Mytheresa Corporate Identity.

When it comes to the UI, we used tabs to make it easier to tab regardless of the device’s size, and the black to contrast and make it clear which category is active/selected.

Initially we wanted to have the main categories (like clothing) as multi select filters too, however this proved to be too complex for the first launch, so we reverted back to single select.

To clearly communicate to the user which filters are active, the active categories turn black and display the amount of filters selected in brakets, for the second release we will have small tags appearing under the app’s header in the PLP, that will provide easy access to delete filters with just one tab.

The app was designed for both Android and IOS, for latin languages as well as Chinese, Arabic and Korean, with all the added text-styles and font licenses that that implies. Above you can see a small comparison of how the filters looked before (on the left) and after (on the right).

Lastly bellow you can see a video of the implementation so far. Just like the graphic elements (colours, fonts…) the interactions were kept very minimal. New categories open from the side, as it’s standard for IOS apps, the CTA is constantly updating with the available products, and everything else is clean and minimal, to allow the luxurious products to shine.

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